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Ziggy Gordon after the Kilmarnock match

Ziggy Gordon spoke to the press and our Martin McConnell following the game at Rugby Park on Saturday…


The Manager said that today was his most embarrassing day since his involvement in the game. Did he mention that in the dressing room?

“When he says that’s the most embarrassed he’s felt in his time in football, we have to take into account the length of time that he’s been in the game. How many games that he’s been in charge and the games that he’s played in and that has caused him the most embarrassment, I don’t think by saying anything I can add to that. I think that he’s got it spot on. I think every single player will go back tonight and analyse themselves, look themselves in the mirror and ask ‘did I do enough?’. That’s not for me to say and not for Darian MacKinnon our Captain or the gaffer to say, but for them to ask themselves. ‘Did I do enough today to help my team win the game?’. And I’m not going to comment on other players, we’re all in it together. End of story. It’s going to be touch and go until the very last ball is kicked. We can’t change the players or anything else about the club, we now need to stick together and move on from this.”

How do you explain it? With the position that you’re in and no one seems at it?

“It’s mentality. It comes down to mentality and the levels that you set. I set my own personal levels and every other player will set their own personal levels. Some may be higher and some may be lower but it’s about trying to reach those levels every single week. And unfortunately we haven’t done that all season. We’ll have a good result then completely tarnish that performance with a poor outing the week after. We’ll now look to Wednesday, not looking down but up. And go to Livingston and put in the best performance we possibly can.”

Do you feel that you owe that to the fans that came to support you today?

“I think Hamilton fans have been there. I think they know the feeling. It’s what it’s like being a Hamilton fan. I don’t think anything I can say now is going to help heal the wounds or bruises of today. All I can say is that I hope they come and support us on Wednesday because we’re determined to put in a performance.”

I didn’t mean that so much, but there are ways of losing if you like.

“Yes, today wasn’t one of those ways. There are ways of losing and I’ve come off the pitch having lost games and not been too disappointed because I know that you win some and you lose some. You know, Barcelona and Real Madrid lose games. Everyone loses games but it’s the manner in which you lose them and today wasn’t the right manner.”




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