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Brian Rice & Reegan Mimnaugh Post Match Sunday

Accies media web interviewer Martin McConnell was with the press who spoke with Brian and Reegan after Sunday’s game…

Head Coach Brian Rice and young Reegan Mimnaugh spoke to the press following today’s loss against Rangers.

Brian Rice

Brian, what can you take from the game today?

“Personally, I look at myself. The way in which I set the team up in the first half. Now, I did that for a reason. I didn’t want to come here and have to defend, I wanted to have a go at Rangers and I wanted to try and exploit any weaknesses that they might have. Tried to get on to the front foot and get crosses in, shots, anything. Try to push them up the pitch but it didn’t materialise that way and Rangers had us on the back foot from very early on.”

Yet when you changed the back four at the start of the second half you managed to cause them some problems…

“Yes, but the game is done and dusted then. No, it’s easier, it’s easy then. The game starts in the first half, not the second half.”

Is it a case now of focusing on the teams around about you?

“No, it never is, never ever for me. Focus on your own team. I’m sitting here doing this now but my focus has changed to Aberdeen on Wednesday night. I can’t do anything about what has happened today. I need to move on as I can’t dwell on it, and I can’t let the players dwell on it you know. There were a lot of mistakes. The biggest thing for me today was Rangers ball retention and the way that they were able to move the ball about. They moved us about all over the pitch, it was fantastic. Now, could we have made it more difficult? Yes. Could we have stopped them? Maybe not. We might have done but maybe not because it was so good. Now, we’re not going to be able to do that in a short period of time. I’ve only been here for three weeks, but that can’t be an excuse, not whatsoever. What disappoints me most of all is when we had the ball. Not being able to look after it. See being brave, being brave isn’t going in and smashing someone or going and fouling someone. Be brave is saying ‘give me that ball’, when someone is on you, and then looking after it. Then making a proper pass and the next man makes a proper pass. We never had that today and Rangers got the ball back far too easily. So, it’s going to be something that we’ll have to work on, and work on, and work on. Those players that can’t do it will probably find themselves out of the team. I want to put players in the side that can look after the ball.”


Reegan Mimnaugh

It wasn’t the result that you’d have been looking for, but how did you find starting ?

“Obviously it was a disappointing result but it was a great experience being able to make my first start for the club. Hopefully I can get some more chances like that to progress and become a better football player.”

When did you find out that you were going to be starting the match and not on the bench?

“The gaffer brought me in to his office the other day and said ‘listen, I’m going to start you as I trust you’. It’s always good when a manager feels he has trust in you, so that’s a positive to take.”

When you were through on goal there, did think that was going to be your big moment?

“Yes, I should have shot but it’s going through my head, ‘do I square it or do I shoot?’. But I should have shot.”

It’s live on TV and it’s against Rangers. It doesn’t get much bigger, does it?

“No, it doesn’t get much bigger than that. I just have to hope that I get another opportunity like that, progress, plod away with things and do what I’m doing.”

Is it one of the great things about being at a club like Hamilton, if you’re good enough, you’ll get a chance?

“Aye, it’s really good that the gaffer trusts all the young boys and helps everyone out. Makes sure that you’re working hard in training and demands a lot from you. It’s positive.”

They’ve brought through a lot of midfield players as well….

“Aye, the likes of James McArthur, McCarthy, Ali Crawford, Greg Docherty and Lewis Ferguson. It’s good to look up to them and hopefully follow in their footsteps.”

It’s been a tough old time in respect of league position, it’s going to be a scrap for the rest of the season isn’t it?

“Aye, it’s going to be tough and we’ll just have to try and grind out some more results and stick together as a team. Work hard and hope things turn out alright for us “




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