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Darian MacKinnon post match Saturday

Goalscorer and Captain Darian MacKinnon spoke to the press following the 1-1 draw with Dundee.

Does it feel more than a run of the mill draw?

“Yes, it does. Especially with us scoring so late. I thought that we played well to be fair. It was a big change with energy and pressing, but we just didn’t get the goal when we were on top. I thought that’s what opened things up for us to go a goal behind.”

You’ve waited awhile for a goal haven’t you? A cracker when it arrived though.

“It’s just one of those things you don’t think. I’m just delighted, especially against them”

Your last goal was against Dundee as well, wasn’t it?

“I don’t know, l don’t score many. I can’t think, my brain’s gone.” [Ed. note, yes, in our 3-0 win here in August 2017]

I think it was but it was an important one wasn’t it?….What do you think the team’s chances for the rest of the season are?

“It basically feels like a victory for us and a real sore one for them. I think the ref said there was a minute to go, was that right, a minute to go? They’re probably thinking three points and up the road and putting us in a bit of trouble. Now that we’ve scored that it gives us the lift that we need.”

Is there a new feeling of impetus now? Brian’s just in the door but is there a feeling around now?

“Yes, there is. The old gaffer did a good job and the new gaffer has come in with different ideas. He’s wanting us to go after the game, which we all like. Even although I’m getting on a bit. He’s pushing me up a wee bit and wanting me to get in people’s faces again. Listen, that’s what I’ll do as that’s my job.”

See when you said that you were glad to score against THEM. Did you mean purely for the league position or are there other reasons?

“No, do you remember when I hurt my knee last time? Well, I was lying on the ground with a serious knee injury and there was around fifty Dundee fans going ‘I hope your career’s over’ trying to get at me. So, that one’s for them.”

When you put the ball in, did you side foot it?

“Aye, I side footed it. I was going to lace it but then I thought I’d stick to basics. Listen, it’s one of those ones and it’s gone in. I’m delighted and I think it’s my first in a good while, you’ll know better than me but it’s my first for awhile and I’m happy.”

I noticed that you made the most of it eh?

“I saw a couple of Dundee players that I knew and I was just talking to them. I’m good mates with them and was just catching up. I had a wee bit of needle with them during the game, so I was just smoothing it over before we went our separate ways.”

There’s a fair bit of needle between the two clubs eh? From a while back when you went for the title?

“Yes, it was the Championship season going back to then. It’s obviously different players now but I’ve not forgotten and obviously that time with my knee too. You can’t forget things like that, I don’t mind the banter but that’s wishing for somebody’s career over with. I’ve got kids to look after and that’s not acceptable.”

You’ll have another important game against them at some point later in the season.

“Yes, it looks that way. It’s always going to be, it’s like a derby as the big man just said. It’s a good game to play in as it’s never a nothing game. That’s what football is all about.”

Is it quite nice, given all that’s happened in recent weeks, to come off the pitch there with a positive kind of reaction and nice atmosphere?

“I get what you’re saying. There was a lot of negativity towards the end of the old gaffers time. You can’t get away from it. You hear it and you see it, it’s not nice. So, to get off to a good start under the new gaffer is really important as it gives the fans a lift. They could probably see that we got after them pretty well and I thought we did that for most of the game. But we didn’t score whilst on top and that kills you. If we’d scored early it might have gone two or three nil. If you don’t, then you always leave yourself open too conceding.”

You said that you gave your team mates stick after last week in the dressing room…..

“The Aberdeen game?”

Yes, I take it you won’t be doing that today?

“No, listen I just thought the place needed a wee lift. So, the first person that I heard speaking out of turn, I went for.It’s obviously your friends but sometimes you need to do that to get a reaction from the group. The training was buzzing next day, so sometimes you need it. You can’t do it all the time because people will just think that you’re an idiot, you have to pick your moments.”


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