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Goalscorer Steven Boyd’s thoughts from Saturday

Reporter Martin McConnell caught up with goal hero Steven Boyd after Saturday’s derby win at Fir Park…


How did you see the goal?

“I’ve just seen the free kick hit off the wall and reacted and volleyed it. It was a kind of sweet one.”

Did you think ‘chance’?

“I was actually thinking that I was going to sky it. I hit it nicely which was good.”

So you were thinking ‘don’t sky it, don’t sky it’ then?

“Yes, don’t sky it.”

Have you ever scored with your first touch before?

“No, I think that’s the first time that I’ve done that. It was a good game to do that in.”

It changed the face of the game completely and you could have won the game by more. You were maybe not pummelled but you were up against up until that point.

“Aye, the boys had to dig deep the whole game. We just had to get a break and take it, and that’s what we did.”

Did you enjoy those celebrations? You looked like you did.

“Aye, they were good. I don’t often score goals like that so it was good.”

The manager has said that you have that ability to create a little bit of magic. From your point of view, do you want to show more of that?

“Aye, that’s what I’m trying to do this season. Trying to get my name on the team sheet every week then I can get more of that.”

You’ve had a couple of spells out on loan, do you see this as a big season for you?

“Aye, this is a big season for me. I want to try to cement my place in the team and hopefully take it on from there.”

It won’t have done you any harm then?

‘No, that will hopefully have put me to the front of the queue.”

What is it you feel you need to do this year to get a regular place?

“It’s a good question. Probably being more consistent and creating more chances, because I’m in the position where I need to create something. If I’m not creating something I’m not the best defensively, so I’ve got to be doing something at the other end of the pitch.”




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