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Canning & McMann post Livi match

Accies web reporter Martin McConnell caught up with Martin canning and Scott McMann after Tuesday’s game at NDP…


Hamilton boss Martin Canning spoke to the press after Accies drew with Livingston but lost the bonus point shoot out 6-5 on penalty kicks………

Was it a frustrating evening for you?

“Yes, it was. In the first half I thought we were the better team without creating a lot of clear cut opportunities. I thought we moved the ball around well and looked sharp, maybe our decision making in the final third wasn’t quite as good, but I thought we looked comfortable in the game. In the second half I thought we didn’t create as much. Livingston changed their shape after the break and matched us up. We weren’t good enough to go and break them down or to even create enough opportunities to hurt them. That being said, defensively it was a pretty safe game for us and we didn’t have a lot to do. We need to do better, and we know that.”

You must have thought you were going to win the shoot out when Darian stepped up?

“Yes, well we should have won the shootout. Darian’s made a bad decision and I said that to him at the end. If he goes and scores then you can say that it’s a good decision, but when you miss that type of penalty you know that you’re going to come in for some criticism. Especially at that stage 5-4. Sorry, to make it 5-4 in a game that you’ve got to go and win or take that extra point from. It was a real poor decision from an experienced player. I can’t blame Aaron McGowan, that’s just the luck of taking penalties. If you miss, you miss. He has struck it well and the goalie has made a good save, that happens. Darian’s penalty is a real sore point because that shouldn’t happen.”

Has he said anything about it?

“Yes, he’s put his hands up as he knows that he has made a mistake. He does that in training from time to time, but I think he’s maybe not allowed for his adrenalin. When you’re doing it in a real-life situation during a game, your adrenalin is high, and you can end up knocking it over the bar. Like I say, it doesn’t really matter. At that stage to go and win the game, you’ve just got to go and put your foot through it and make sure that if you’re going to miss, the goal keeper has got to make a great save. But you certainly don’t miss the target and do what he’s done. Like I say, there’s a lot for us to do. There has been a big turnaround in players for us, it’s almost a complete squad turnaround in terms of players moving on. There are promising signs from those that have come in, but we know that we’re still three or four short of where we want to be in terms of replacing key players. We havent done that yet but we’re working really hard to do that. And I’ve no doubt that over the next four, five, six weeks that we’ll do that and get some players in that can add to the team.”


Man of the Match Scott McMann also shared his thoughts……..

Both cup matches have seen pretty pedestrian performances, has there been a bit of a friendly mindset or is it just a case of new players getting to know each other at the start of a new season?

“No, I wouldn’t say that. We went in to both games with every intention of winning them. We wanted to win them as we really want to progress in the Betfred Cup, but we haven’t played many games yet and have a lot of new players in the team. We’re just trying to gel the boys together and get ready for the new season. We weren’t trying to play in a pedestrian manner, the intention was to definitely win the game.”

As you said, the side have still got a way to go to get ready for the league season. Would you expect that the next time you meet Livingston, the match would be played at a much higher intensity?

“Yes, I’d definitely imagine that to be the case. It’s still preseason and all the boys are still getting to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and stuff. The priority for us at this stage is the league, obviously we’d like to do well in these cup games, but our number one priority is the league.”

Despite the results you’ve played the ball around well in both games to date. Is this something that’s been worked on in training or just something dictated by the slower pace of the matches?

“It’s something that the gaffer has mentioned to us. Maybe try and not got back to front quite as much, try and play through the thirds more. Yes, we have worked on it during training and have tried to implement that in to our game. But we really have to mix it up a bit more.”

What does the next two games mean for the team?

“All we can do now is go out and try to win them and then see where that takes us. They’re two games that we would expect to win, and we’ll go and try to take care of them.”


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