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MacKinnon post match at Perth

Mark Gillespie was there to hear Darian MacKinnon after Wednesday’s defeat at Perth

Darian MacKinnon

Following the 1-0 defeat in Perth, Darian MacKinnon gave his thoughts on the result and his long-awaited return to first team football…….

Welcome back, but not the result you would have wanted.

“No it wasn’t, and it was probably a brutal game to watch. It felt a brutal game to play in, but I think we’ve been done by a set piece. Otherwise the game would have probably finished 0-0. It’s just really frustrating.”

Was it an own goal?

“Aye, Scott said it has come off him at the end of the game there. I don’t think there was much he could do about it as there was a guy at the end and it’s basics really. That’s all it is.”

The kind of things that you’ve eradicated recently?

“Aye, I think so. Well, watching them and there hasn’t really been that many mistakes, and if we did we were getting away with it. Tonight, someone has made one and we’ve been punished for it. You can’t do that against St. Johnstone because they are really good at holding the lead.”

It must be important not to let your heads drop going into the next few fixtures?

“No, we’re a wee bit frustrated after it, and I was frustrated on the pitch as well being that it’s my first game back. It was a frustrating game to play in as I thought we sat too deep at times and the gaps between everyone were a bit too big and that made it a really tough game for us.”

You just happy to be back?

“Yes, I was. It was a long couple of months.”

Did you think that you were going to be out for the rest of the season?

“Yes, I did when I did it. So, aye. I’ve been working hard in the gym and thankfully it has paid off for me.”

Tonight, you were miles better in the second half, that must be frustrating. If you’d played like that in the first half we’d probably be having a different conversation just now.

“True, but that’s just football for you. I think for the last five minutes we just battered them and I thought we were going to score then I thought ‘why didn’t we do that before?’. But as I said, I think we sat too deep at times and they’ve got McLean, who when he takes the ball is as good as anyone in the league, and Kane is kind of busy. You need to be high against them and in their face to get the first ball, and I don’t think we did that.”

The one thing you can take away from that is that if you play like you did in the second half, you should be alright.

“Hopefully, yes. We just need to keep on working hard. We want to push up the way and not be looking behind ourselves all the time. That was a chance for us to push on again and we let ourselves down. I’ve no doubt that we’ll bounce back come Saturday, we’ll put in a good performance, but we’ll need to pick up wins again.”

Are you a bad spectator?

“Yes, I can get right involved with it. I’m a club man aren’t I,  I’m just glad to see them do well when I was out.”

What did you do to your leg? Is it just swelling or something? (Wearing ice pack)

“No, nothing like that. The physio just said do it after every game and I just listen to everything that she says. She got me back so I’m happy.”

When did you know that you would be back?

“About ten days ago because I was starting to do my runs on the pitch and I felt good. They just phased me back in to training then the gaffer pulled me aside and said that if I got through training next week, then I could get back in. I felt good in training and now I’m back.”

Did you have to rein yourself in a wee bit?

“I did when I was coming back because I was just choking to kick the ball and they’re trying to hold you back because you might hurt yourself, but sometimes you try it in the house, but you don’t tell the physio that.”

Did you try it in the house?

“No comment!”




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