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MacKinnon and Gogic post match Saturday

Interviewer Mark Gillespie was at Fir Park and after the 2-0 Scottish Cup defeat, Darian MacKinnon and Alex Gogic shared their thoughts…..

Darian MacKinnon

You never really got going today and it was two crazy goals that shot you in the foot.

“Yes, I think it was. It was probably a brutal game to watch without much quality in it. We had shots, and the two goals that we gave away just summed up our day.”

What did Scott say in the dressing room? It was a bizarre first goal wasn’t it?

“He said sorry afterwards. But all credit to him, he bounced back well after that and went on to have a good game. I was talking to someone just a minute ago and they said that if that was a year ago, he’d have crumbled. He now has a completely different mentality and has gone on to respond well to the situation, which is all that you can ask.”

If you lose a game like that in the league you can always bounce back, but if you lose in the cup, then you’re out of the cup.

“We wanted a wee run, especially with us coming here as well. It wasn’t to be, and I don’t think that we deserved anything from the game. It was the correct result and we’ll now just move on to Wednesday.”

You had a bit of a midfield ding dong with Allan Campbell there, how would you describe that?

“Yes, I think he had two cheeky one’s on me and has actually done my ankle a cracker and never got booked, and then kicked me off the ball after the throw in. These things happen, he’s similar to myself and gets in about it so there’s no hard feelings.”

Was there a kind of disappointment all round the pitch, maybe Motherwell physically, were pressing you more and controlling it more than they could have done?

“Yes, it was. I think if you look at the first half, when Massimo is in the team to go and play. If we don’t give him the ball or he’s not using it properly, we’re in a wee bit of trouble because that’s what he’s in there for. But we knew it was going to be like that when we came here because they are a physical side, they don’t really take touches in the middle of the park. So you need to win your headers at the back and I don’t think we quite done that today.”

You also missed Greg today, didn’t you?

“Yes, of course we’re going to miss Greg, he’s a top-quality player. If he does move on if that is going to happen, we’re going to have to replace him and I thought young Lewis Ferguson did pretty well today. It will take him a few games to find his feet, but these things happen. We’ve lost better players in the past, no offence to Greg or Tony Andreu etc, but we need to move on and that’s what you do.”

He’s not a shy laddie and was putting himself about and was pressing well, do you think he’s got a chance?

“Who, Fergie? Fergie’s got a big chance. He’s no scared, I can remember my first training session against him. I think I was suspended and training with the 20’s, I took a touch and he just came smashing into me. I was like that, “who have we got here”, I shook his hand after it as I knew we had someone there. He’s got quality as well and that’s the important thing, he has everything.”

Do you like guys like that, that remind you of yourself?

“I do but give him a couple of years….”

He comes from good footballing stock doesn’t he? His dad was a fantastic player.

“He has a few, and he gets a few pelter’s for that. Especially for Barry being his uncle. I wind him up for that, don’t worry about that. But listen, he is a good player and has a real good chance.”


Alex Gogic

The manager felt that the side shot themselves in the foot today after conceding two bad goals.

“Yes, it wasn’t good, especially in the first half. We all know that we are much better than that. It was a bad first goal to concede, but at the end of the day we needed to control the game much better, but we were not quite good enough. When you are playing in a derby match, that can happen when you’re not at your best and you can get punished. And today we did.”

What are your feelings on the penalty?

“I just went for the ball and I touched him, I did catch him yes.”

The manager felt that you might have dealt with things better before the throw in.

“Yes, for sure. Especially after I headed the ball straight back into the field on their side, it’s football and mistakes happen. We’ve just got to keep our heads up and focus on the games that are coming up. It’s of course sad to lose a cup game, but that’s football.”

The team were missing a few players today.

“No, there is no excuse. We have a strong squad and I don’t think that a couple of players will make a great deal of difference. It was just us, the performance wasn’t there today from us.”



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