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Saturday’s post match comments

Web reporter mark Gillespie caught up with the Manager, David Templeton and Scott McMann after the game…


Accies boss Martin Canning spoke to the press after yesterday’s 1-0 defeat to St. Johnstone.

You must be disappointed that a silly mistake has cost you the game?

“Yes, definitely. I thought we were the better team in the game and we created a lot of opportunities. We’ve only got ourselves to blame and lost that game I think by a combination of poor finishing and a stupid mistake. I don’t think that St. Johnstone have won the game, I think we’ve given them the game. It’s a typical St. Johnstone performance if you like. In terms of, so many times over the course of the past couple of seasons they’ve managed to dig into games and manage to find a way of winning it. They’ve done that again and that’s credit to them, but like I say, it’s definitely one that I feel we given them rather than one earned.”

What was your take when somebody failed to take responsibility, how did you see it?

“Yes, it’s a mistake. I think the communication was there, I think Scott should have gone through it and Dougie’s tried to pull away from it and Scott’s then left it for Dougie. It’s a misunderstanding, it happens and unfortunately for us on the day it’s cost us a goal. Like I say, thinking straight from my head and sitting here just now, it’s a sore one. We’ve played well enough to win the game without a doubt, but to come away with nothing from the game is real sore.”

You could have been out of sight by half time?

“We should have been and that’s what I’ve just said in the office, we lost the game in the first half. We should have been two nothing up at half time and the games done. We don’t and like St. Johnstone do well, they stick in and dig in, they find a way to dig into the game and punish you for your mistakes. It’s one of those days for us, we’ll have to brush ourselves down and go again. In terms of the performance I’m pleased and thought that we put a lot of balls into the box, Temps was excellent again. There were a lot of positives, but the result was the main thing and I said that through the run, we need to win more games. Losing that one is another game that’s got away from us. A game that we should win comfortably, and we don’t, not even taking a point and end up losing it.”

It’s all about the cutting edge then?

“We’ve had that, we’ve had that to be fair. I think that’s only the second or third game this season that we havent scored in. So we’ve had that cutting edge, today things have just gone against us and we havent managed to put the ball in the back of the net despite creating chances. The goal and two or three good saves, they’ve had a couple of good blocks. I think one came off the keeper and then ricocheted off Antonio and then ended up back in his hands, Antonio has put one over the bar from inside the six-yard box. You think ‘how can you miss that one?’. It’s just one of those days when nothing has gone right, and I don’t remember when St. Johnstone created a chance if I’m being honest. Other than the one that we’ve given them.”

Dougie was having a really good game prior to that, it was his ball in that set up for Rojano…

“Yes, Dougie was good. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone for making mistakes, mistakes will happen, and I think it’s a miscommunication in fairness to Dougie. I think that he has heard the shout and had the shout when someone else has taken control of it. He’s pulled out and it’s a misunderstanding that’s cost us, I wouldn’t hold that against Dougie or Scott. It’s just one of those things and between them they’ve made a mistake that’s like I say cost us.”


David Templeton

A good performance today but not the result you wanted?

“I thought that we were the better team today, and I also thought that we created enough to win the game. Obviously, it was a mistake and they’ve gone on to punish us for it. They do what they do well and held on for the 1-0 win.”

As you say, the team created plenty?

“Yes, that’s the frustrating thing for us. I’ve had a few chances myself, Antonio has had a great chance at 0-0 in the first half and Daz has missed a great chance too. We’ve had a good few, and yes it’s disappointing.”

Out with the game, it’s been a good week for you after winning the player of the month and then playing three consecutive 90 minutes…

“Yes, exactly. It was nice to get the award, surprising, but pleasing for me. I just wanted to take that into this game as well and play well. I didn’t feel that I played as well as I could have, but I think I’ll put that down to the way that they defended. They defended hard.”

When was the last time that you managed to play three full games in a row?

“I’m not even sure. I know that the last two was three years ago, so probably guessing that about three or four years ago. It’s been a long time since I’ve managed it, so it’s just nice to be back playing again.”

What does it do for your confidence before a game, knowing that you can now complete successive games?

“It’s just great knowing that you’re going into games, regardless of how you’re playing, that you’re not going to get hooked all the time even if you’re playing well. Of course, if I’m not playing well I’ll come off, but knowing that if I’m playing well I can play for the full ninety is nice. It gives me confidence and of course gives me that match fitness as well to get through further game.”


Scott McMann

Disappointed with the way things went?

“I think on balance we were the better of the two sides, we know how they like to sit in and counter attack. We had a good run of form going into the game and thought that we could win this one, and disappointed not to take a win never mind a draw.”

The gaffer thought that was lost in the first half, due to all the missed opportunities.

“Yes, there’s that old saying that if you don’t take your chances, there’s a fair chance that they’ll come back to bite you. But again, we had chances in the second half to take something from the game. So, I wouldn’t quite go as far as to say it was lost in the first half, but we could have been well ahead going into the second half.”

What was your take on the goal?

“It was simply a lack of communication between me and Dougie. The ball is somewhere in between the both of us and I’ve shouted, and he has left the ball and I’ve left it as well. It was just really poor. But again, we had plenty of chances to have taken something from the game, it’s disappointing.”



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