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Post Hibs Interviews with Canning, Bingham & MacKinnon


Mark Gillespie caught up with the Manager, Martin Canning; double goalscorer Rakish Bingham; and midfield workhorse Darian MacKinnon after Saturday’s win in the capital –

Martin Canning

How did you think the game went?

“I thought that in the first half we were good and I said to the boys at half time that I thought we could win the game, and in the second half we were excellent. The third goal in particular was a great goal, a great team goal. I’m really pleased with the effort, the togetherness and work rate from everyone.”

Did it sum it up with the Hibs fans standing up and applauding you after that third goal?

“Did they? I was too busy celebrating myself. If that’s the case then that’s a nice gesture by them. I think if you’re a football fan, then that was a fantastic goal. It was well worked with composure right at the end, it’s the kind of goal that they do in training. They’re playing with belief and confidence, they’re a good bunch and they work so hard for each other and that’s the pleasing thing for me.

The performance of the team and young Scott McMann was outstanding, with every week he is getting better and better and Greg Docherty is the same. Obviously sometimes the older guys get left out, Dougie, Darian, Ali as well. I also thought that the three centre backs along with Scott played well. I can’t really lay any fault in the team. The work that Rakish and wee Boydy put in for the shape of the team allowed us to get a foothold in the game and that was great. It was just one of those days in which everything clicks and hopefully we can have more of them.”

What will those two goals do for the confidence of Rakish?

“I’ve been talking to him every other day about it. He has been working so hard for the team, I’m so happy with him in terms of his work rate and the effort that he puts in and the unselfish work that he does, he’s a real working striker. He’s been getting a few opportunities in games and not been able to take them. So, it’s been great for him to get the two goals today and its reward for the work that he is putting in. If you continue to work that hard and give your team that much, then obviously you deserve it when you get your goals.”

Rakish Bingham

Congratulations, how complete a performance was that from the boys?

“I think it was excellent today. I mean it gave us a lot of confidence and we got on the ball and passed it well. It allowed us to create some good opportunities and take the chances, it was a brilliant performance from the side.”

You seemed to cut through Hibs time and time again in that second half.

“I mean it played into our hands, I think that the more their formation changed in the second half, the more it gave us opportunities. They were committing themselves forward quite a lot and we caught them on the break a few times, and luckily we managed to hurt them when we caught them on the break.”

Hamilton have been accused in the past of not scoring enough goals, have you seen a new positivity and confidence in the past couple of weeks in the team?

“Well, we’ve always been capable of scoring goals. We’ve believed it as a team and I think now that is starting to show, and can only help with our confidence going forward into the season with the rest of the games. So, it’s good.”

The manager said that the performance will do your own confidence a world of good, is that something that you feel in yourself?

“Yes definitely. I mean, goals help with confidence and I was delighted to score a couple and it will definitely help me in both the next game and moving forward through the season.

That third goal was fantastic with some great movement from everyone involved.

“Yes, it was a great team goal, and Louis coming off the bench and Danny Redmond coming off the bench played a big part in it, and it just goes to show that we were all in it together. The lads came together for the third goal and that’s what we are all about, we’re a solid team this season with hopefully some more results like that to come.

Did you notice that the Hibs fans were applauding?

“No, I didn’t, they did, did they? No, I did not see that.”

Does that goal sum up the confidence that is flowing, the side that can be with the talent that is there?

“Yes, it’s probably the best team goal that I’ve been involved with. It was breath taking and I can’t wait to watch it back to be fair. Yes, I can’t wait to watch it back, it was a great team goal and it can only help with our confidence.”

Darian MacKinnon

The manager said that was the most complete performance of his reign, do you agree with that?

“Yes, we were excellent today, both teams played well and played some good football and from our point of view I thought we were excellent to a man.

It wasn’t just back to the walls, you out played them completely.

“Yes, I knew that they were going to let us play and we’d let them play. We’ve got good players and when it doesn’t turn into a battle then we can be a right good side. I thought the pitch was massive today, as in there was a lot of space to play in and we used it well.

Those midfield players that Hibs have got like McGinn, McGeouch, Swanson, they get a lot of praise. It says a lot for you when you really dominated that area of the pitch.

“Yes, don’t forget wee Ali as well, for the size of him he had a great day as well. I said to Greg before the game ‘McGinn is the guy you have to look too’, as they’re similar type of players and I said, ‘that if you get the better of him today then people will sit up and take notice of you again’. I thought the three of us were excellent and so were the rest of the team.”

Does Greg have that sort of quality? He was outstanding today.

“Of course, he does. At half time the gaffer had a wee go at him, just to say ‘c’mon you’re playing within yourself’. And then second half, John McGinn is an international, I wouldn’t say that he ran over the top of him as that’s disrespectful but he’s got the better of him on the day.

You played well in the first half, but in the second it was as if you were on it right away as if it was up for the taking.

“Yes, the gaffer at half time just went through a couple of players that he thought were doing okay but not getting on the ball enough. In the second half I think they’ve just went and upped their games and I thought we were excellent.”

Will we see a new side to Hamilton this season, you do get accused of not scoring enough goals and being dogged. It’s within the squad isn’t it?

“Yes we can play like that but we’re not going to get carried away either as we’re not going to play like that every week, but we can when we get time and we’re not just a lump it up the field team. I was delighted for Rakish today because he was getting a wee bit of a hard time for not getting goals, but if you’re playing for Hamilton you’re not going to get many clear-cut opportunities in a game. So, I was delighted for him.”

The third goal was sensational wasn’t it?

“Well I was about fifty yards back and I was just watching it and I was thinking ‘just shoot, shoot!’ and with all the passing going on I’m thinking ‘this is just amazing’. I think even Neil Lennon clapped at the third goal as well, so it was a great team goal and one that we’re capable of doing.”

If it is one of the bigger teams doing that, then it would never be off of the telly.

“No your right, but we’re not going to get too carried away, it’s a good three points for us and that’s the main thing.”

Are you just going to keep shutting people up?

“Yes, I spoke to the press last week and I don’t disagree with you. If I was an outsider looking in, I would also think Accies would be the side going down. So, I suppose that’s up to us to go out and prove you wrong every year.”

Last year it maybe took you another month to get up to six points, what sort of platform does that now give you?

“Well the gaffer emphasised that we needed to get a good start as we didn’t want to get cut adrift. As I think that all bottom six clubs are all fairly even squad wise, so getting a good start can be a massive help in staying within the league.”

How much credit goes to the manager as there’s been times he’s taken some brutal abuse?

“The manager has been brilliant. He has taken over from Alex which was always going to be a hard job as we’d lost an awful lot of players. He has been excellent and doesn’t change, he might come across as a nice guy to all of you but on the training ground he can be nasty as well. He has done really well for us.”



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