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Tommy’s Trek for Lewis!


Tommy will be walking 30 laps of various football grounds around the country and finishing at rugby park this Saturday in an effort to raise £7,500 for an autisum awareness dog for Lewis who cannot communicate and has absolutely no risk awareness.  To visit the just giving page click here to donate.
Normal activities which we all do everyday do not make sense to Lewis and as he doesn’t communicate it is difficult to make him understand things.

He has to be constantly monitored both inside and out as his behaviour is totally unpredictable. He is liable to run off at any moment without any consideration for hazards such as traffic and he loves water so he is attracted towards it which is also very dangerous. 
He has also tried to take strangers hands and could easily be led away.

Due to his condition he is also very limited socially and finds human emotions difficult to understand.

When we heard about Autism Assistance dogs and the help they can provide to people like Lewis we thought it would be hugely beneficial to Lewis’s life and development.

The dogs are trained specifically to help people with autism and the benefits to his safety at home and outdoors would be huge.

They also provide companionship to the individual and recognise when they are getting upset and help to calm them down and prevent outbursts and temper tantrums.

If we can raise the funds we’re sure the dog would become a great friend to Lewis and a help to the whole family! 

To visit the just giving page click here to donate.


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