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Martin Canning post match Saturday


Martin Canning Interview

Accies manager Martin Canning speaking after the 3-0 win against Stenhousemuir.

How did think the game went today?

“Yes, I’m happy to be through. Obviously these games can be difficult at times, when teams sit behind the ball and they make it difficult for you to play. But again, I thought Stenhousemuir did well and worked hard, that was East Kilbride, Albion Rovers and Queens just the same. They were all difficult games and I’m just glad to be through, out of the group, and now looking forward to Sunday against Aberdeen.

Did you look at other scores or concentrate on winning the game?

“I concentrated on us, but it would be silly not to keep update with other games giving that it could have an impact on our game. Yes, we were aware, but obviously the full focus was on us and making sure that we went and won the game and tried to score goals. Thankfully we scored three, we probably had a couple of opportunities and could have scored a couple more. Fortunately, it was enough and thankfully we got through.”

It was a bit of quality from Ali Crawford to start the game off.

“I thought Ali was excellent today. Obviously his goal and I thought his ball through for Danny Redmond in the first half was a fantastic ball and Redmond’s ball for Boydy was excellent too. So, I thought the creative players have done what I have asked them to do. It’s difficult when teams sit deep against you to have chance after chance after chance. It’s probably not going to be that, but you need your quality players to have key moments in the game. Obviously, Ali’s bit of quality and Redmond’s pass for Boydy’s goal were really pleasing.”

What are your thoughts about the last sixteen of the tournament? Have you thought much about it?

“To be honest with you, my whole focus has been on getting through and now on building up to Aberdeen on Sunday. That’s going to be our main focus, and then we’ll see. I’d imagine that the fixture will probably come out on the Tuesday, and we’ll try and maybe move that to Wednesday, since we’re playing on the Sunday instead of Saturday. So, we’ll have a look at that and see what happens, after seeing who we get, I think the draw is tomorrow. The next game against Aberdeen takes priority and we’ll have to be fully focused on that, then we can try and prepare for the midweek game.”

How are you fixed for the first game of the season after the four Betfred matches?

“That’s the good thing, when you get through and you get the job done and you’re now qualified, you’re probably moaning about competitive games when you’re playing them. And now that you’re probably happy that you’ve played four competitive games and you’re ready to go and play them because you’re through. So, it kind of works both ways and I’m happy that I’ve had four hard games, and the boys have got good fitness from them. We’ve got ourselves through and now we can hopefully be in our best shape to go and play against Aberdeen.”

How pleased are you with Steven Boyd’s progress at this early stage of the season?

“Yes, he’s been great, last season as well he went to Albion Rovers and did very well. It never quite happened for him in the last couple of months of last season, but his attitude has been fantastic over the whole preseason. He’s knocking on the door and he’s ready to play. And for me it’s great to have somebody of his quality, even if it’s not to start the game, to come on and have an influence and impact on games.

He’s come on in the last two now at home and scored in both games, which is great for him and great for us. Hopefully he can now go on and progress. We were joking in there, that’s Steven Boyd and Shaun Want as the top scorers at the club and they’re best mates. And wee Ali has got two now as well, joint top scorers. It’s great to have two young kids that are doing well. There are a lot of young boys coming through this year which is exciting, and obviously for us, we’re still looking for a couple to bring through to bolster the team.”

Steven was saying that you’ve set him a target of three goals for next season.

“That’s true. I’ll need to go back and put a wee asterisk next to it and put in league goals, as he’s nearly there already! But no, I said to him at the start of the season to try and get x amount of games, x amount of starts and then go and get x amount of goals, giving them something to aim for. Obviously Boydy is almost at his target and the league hasn’t even started yet, so I’ll probably change that to league goals.”




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