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Brian Rice & Kyle Munro post match Saturday

Our Martin McConnell and Mark Gillespie caught the happy words of our Head Coach and our winning goal scorer after Saturday’s win at Livingston…

Head Coach Brian Rice spoke to the media following the victory at Livingston.

It wasn’t unlike the game at Motherwell Brian. You seemed to get better as the game went on.

“I totally disagree with you for a change. I thought for the first five minutes it was all Livingston. I think they had one other chance in the first half and we didn’t have many. I thought the first half was very equal and the second half we were the better team and I don’t mean that flippantly in anyway. You see the game differently from the way I do. If they hadn’t scored that early goal, would you have said that?”

No, you got stronger as the game went on.

“Oh, we did sorry. No, it’s just that we had confidence at half-time that we’d get something from the game. That was the most important thing at half-time. I asked them if they believed they could get something and it wasn’t just yes. It was an emphatic ‘we can win this, let’s go’. Like you say, we did get stronger in the middle period. But I don’t think anyone could complain that we went on to win the game.”

Templeton had a huge influence today again didn’t he?

“Aye, he’s a match winner and changes games and you saw that today. We’ve got to try and  keep him fit and keep him on the pitch. He’s a huge asset for us and you’ve seen that again with his goal and his assist. But, he needs people working with him as well, because he’s not getting any younger. Fair play to the rest of them as well. The work rate and the effort is just normal for a Hamilton team.”

Talking about the Hamilton kids, with Munro getting the headlines for his goal and Mimnaugh’s performance. You must be pleased  that there’s more youngsters coming through?

“Yes, they’ve had to wait for their chances so far this season. We’ve had injuries and suspensions and the Covid situation has given us a few problems too. But these kids are ready to go. They’ve just waited for their turn and you can see that they can play. Wee Mimnaugh was put in when I first came to the club eighteen months ago and I maybe put him in a little early and set him back a bit. That’s my fault. But when he plays and has confidence, he’s a good football player. There’s a good mix in there. Scotty Martin had to play out of position at right back today and did a good job for me. To come to Livingston at any time is very, very difficult you know. But we’ve come here today and stood up to it and in my opinion, we’ve deserved to win the match.”


Goalscorer and match winner Kyle Munro spoke to the media after Saturday afternoon’s win away at Livingston.

How did that feel when you saw the ball go into the net?

“Speechless. I don’t really know. I just saw everyone running towards me and I thought ‘I’ve just scored the winner there’. We had to hold on and now have to try and keep winning. In previous matches we’ve lost late goals when drawing and then gone on to lose. Today we won.”

When you went to sleep last night, could you have dreamt anything like that happening?

“No, nothing like that. Just have to move onto the next game now and hope for another three points next weekend basically.”

When did you last score?

“At Clydebank last season when I was on loan to them.”

Did you score at Clydebank then?

“Yes, I scored a couple of times I think.”

What were the boys saying after the match then?

“Buzzing, buzzing. You just couldn’t have asked for anything more from them basically. It was a great performance from them right up until the ninetieth minute. We kept on pressing and pressing trying to break them down until we got the goal and then the winner near the end. It was great.”

You couldn’t have gotten off to a worse start?

“We lost that goal in twenty odd seconds and then had to do what we do best and pressed them. We kept going and going and got the goals.”

There were no fans in the stadium today but I think that your team mates made up for it with there celebrations.

“Aye, I just saw everyone running towards me and I didn’t know what to do. I just embraced it and they all started jumping on.”

A pile on?

“Aye, it was good. It was good. I loved it.”

What about David Templeton? He put in a great performance today.

“Aye. I think everyone did, not just me and Temps. It was very much a full team performance.  We were great.”


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