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Brian Rice & Marios Ogkmpoe post match Saturday

Accies media interviewer Martin McConnell spoke with Brian Rice and Marios Ogkmpoe after Saturday’s win…

Head Coach Brian Rice and Marios Ogkmpoe (with Alex Gogic translating) spoke to the press.

Brian Rice

You kept another clean sheet today.

“Yes, that’s the sign of a team working hard as a unit. That out there today was a team performance. You know, the conditions were horrendous and you might not have appreciated that sitting up there. They were horrendous. The wind, I keep going on about the wind ruining games. Even though we won today I’ll still say that wind ruins games. They were phenomenal again, they keep digging in and going further and further with a spirit and determination not to lose. It was magnificent.”

it’s been a long time coming, a couple of back to back wins like that.

“All season. We’ve been battered by all sorts of things. Then this week we’ve carried a wee bit of luck but I think that the lads fully deserve it with everything they’ve put in every single day. Because I ask lots of them every day. I say ‘Don’t feel sorry with yourself for the red cards or last minute goals. If you keep doing the right things and train properly, it will turn.’ Now this week has been absolutely brilliant for us, we’ve done the right things, trained properly and performed properly. So let’s see. It was a real team performance from us today.”

Would you have taken a point when Mickel Miller was sent off?

“Eh, I probably would have yes. I probably would have. You know, four points from two games would have been really good but obviously six points is a lot, lot better.”

How are the injured boys?

“Blair has hurt his groin. Jamie Hamilton has swollen glands or something. He was touch and go and did a test before the match and felt okay. Then with ten or fifteen minutes into the game I could see that he wasn’t right. He had done a couple of things that I know he wouldn’t normally do. The young kid was brave enough to hold his hands up. So I think that it’s swollen glands or something.”


Marios Ogkmpoe

Was it a high pressure penalty?

“He said that he didn’t feel pressure and just wanted to score. It was 50/50 but he knew that he’d score.”

It takes you out of the relegation zone as well.

“He said, not at this point but yes. We still have eight games left but it’s a very important win for us. We’re going to try and win as many as we can.”

If you can play like you have this week, do you think that you’ll stay up again?

“Yes, if we can continue to play with this intensity and tempo then we don’t have anything to fear.”

When you went down to ten men was there a worry that things may start to go against you?

“Yes, obviously it’s harder with ten men but we tried to squeeze as high as we could so we didn’t really feel that pressure. Okay obviously it’s easier with eleven men but we didn’t play like ten men.”

You were bottom of the table before you went to Ibrox on Wednesday. Now your two places above. Hamilton always seem to find a way to survive and do you think this will be the case again?

“Yes, last time it wasn’t as intense. Unfortunately we have the experience of being in this position but if we continue like this, then there’s nothing to be scared about.”

What is Marios’ contract position? Is he like yourself up in the summer or does he have another year?

“He has plus one left and his agent is in talks with the team.”

Does he think that it was a penalty?


Was there some slight panic when the goalkeeper got a hand to it?

“Yes, of course. When he saw it yes but it went in and he was relieved because he had two chances earlier in the game that didn’t go in. I was just happy that it finally went in.”

It was a good time too score.

“Yes, it was.”

Given what you did midweek was this a bigger win?

“At the end of the day it’s still three points. Every win has it’s own merit. If we lose the next two then it’s like we haven’t done anything.”




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