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Rice and Gogic post Motherwell match


Head Coach Brian Rice and Alex Gogic spoke to our web reporter Martin McConnell and the press following the derby.

Brian Rice

Do you see that as a point gained or two points dropped today?

“Two points dropped. I felt as though we were the better team overall, even when it was eleven versus eleven. Then when it was eleven versus ten we had loads of possession, got into good areas but the quality of the final ball just wasn’t there. Especially from wide areas where our crossing was pretty poor. Saying that, David Templeton has five or six shots at goal and he’ll normally score one of those. So I’m a little bit frustrated with that.”

Did you feel that you could have worked the goalkeeper a bit more?

“Well we tried, that’s what I’m saying. David’s had a few blocked and a few have gone over the bar. Our crossing wasn’t the best and the goalkeeper has made a very good save from Marios early on and David Moyo has a wee half chance if the ball’s better. Overall I’m just a bit frustrated as I thought we did enough to win the game.”

You’re missing a couple of strikers would that help?

“Well I think we’re missing more than a couple of strikers. You saw my team today, you saw my bench. The team is decimated. That’s all I’ve got available at the club today. Scott McMann called off ill this morning and Scott was down to play. He called off ill, four attacking players out. Oakley,  Davies, Dales and Miller. You know we just tried everything that we could with all the players that we had. The boys responded brilliantly as that’s all that they had. I think that you’ve seen today they gave me everything. In my opinion we were the better team and should have won the game but we didn’t. So I’m frustrated.”

Are you happy to be back in the dugout?

“That’s a good question. Of course I am. I feel as if I need to be down there with the boys as I’m in it with them. You know, it’s not them and me, it’s both of us together. I like to be back down there.”


Alex Gogic

Was that hard to take today?

“Yes but we should maybe have taken our chances throughout the game. Maybe the final pass should have been far better to enable a better finish.”

I suppose that was underlined close to the end when you had a breakthrough and the ‘keeper came out to make the save.

“Yes, exactly. That’s what happened, it’s always going to happen when it’s 0-0. They might get a chance and they did but Luke was ready for it.”

You had a great challenge too, when the ball fell to Gallagher at the back post and you threw yourself into it.

“Yes, I think it was a good ball in and I just tried to recover it.”

Did it feel like it was one point gained or two points dropped?

“I definitely think that it feels like two points dropped. Especially as they had ten men but even with eleven I thought that we were on top of it. We had that chance early on with Blair’s pass to Marios. We were doing well and then yes they went down to ten men. They were obviously going to try and defend well and they did. It’s a great result for them.”

Do you think it might have been a better situation for Hamilton had it stayed at eleven versus eleven because the game was more open for you then?

“Yes I think so. Sometimes it is better when it’s eleven versus eleven but at the end of the day we were on top of them but it is what it is.”

On the positive side it’s a clean sheet.

“Yes, 100%. We always like to take on the positives. It is a clean sheet and that is certainly something positive for us but it doesn’t feel that way at the moment.”

The same question gets posed at Hamilton every season but you always come up with the answers. Do you think that you’ve got the answers this season too?

“Oh yes, definitely. We’ve been in this position before and know how to dig deep and collect some points. But we’ve just got to get that win and three points.”

You seem to be about the only one at the back still standing. Everyone else seems to be suspended or injured.

“Touch wood! Hopefully we start to get them back as soon as possible.”

It can’t be easy to change all the time at the back.

“No, it isn’t but at the end of the day I play wherever the gaffer wants me to play and I’ll try my best to help the team. It’s a team sport so you’ve got to play where you can help out the most.”

There’s no luck is there in terms of injuries?

“No, there is no luck with injuries and no luck with other stuff as well. Hopefully that will change.”

Does it make a difference having the gaffer back on the touchline?

“Oh yeah. You can hear him and you can see him standing there and shouting ‘squeeze up!’, so yes it does. Obviously Guillaume Beuzelin did a good job as well when he took on the role.”

The experience of beating the drop as mentioned earlier, can that be an advantage when up against a Hearts team that don’t have that experience? And maybe still a bit she’ll shocked at finding themselves in that position.

“Yes, maybe they are. You could say that yes but I guess that we know the situation much more than they do. We’ve got to dig deep as we know we’ve got to do.”

What’s your own situation Alex? Is your contract up at the end of the season?

“Yes, at the end of the season.”

What’s the story? Have you had any talks?

“Yes, we’re just talking. So we’ll see.”

Are you going to stay?


Will that depend on which division you’re in next season?

“Obviously yes but I think that we’re going to stay.”

That would be the perfect situation then, stay up and get another year here?

“Yes, yes, exactly.”


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