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Andy Dales post match Saturday

After scoring Accies opening goal on his debut, Andy Dales spoke to the media…..

Following your return to Scottish football, how does it feel to score on your Hamilton debut?

“Yes, I think obviously to score a goal on your debut is great and I also did that for Scunthorpe actually when I started there. So, it’s a great feeling to get my debut and get off to a winning start too.”

How glad were you to just get back playing football? I don’t think you played too much during your time at Scunthorpe, is that right?

“Yes, I think obviously that I was at Dundee last year and started playing for them, then it fizzled out a little bit. This year I’ve had a couple of injuries, one with my hamstring and one with my calf so that’s set me back a little bit. To get playing and playing with a smile on your face is a massive thing for me to be able to do. I just wanted to get up here and score some goals, make it happen for Hamilton and play with a smile on face as well.”

Were you getting a bit down at Scunthorpe there?

“I wouldn’t say that I was getting down but any player will tell you that it isn’t easy when you aren’t playing. It isn’t that you’re not enjoying it but every player wants to be playing.”

When you had been fit what was the manager saying to you at Scunthorpe?

“Obviously I had a few chats with him and the main topic was injury. Coming back from injury I did my hamstring two days before the first game of the season. And after coming back after a couple of months and being fit again, I then did my calf. That was a big part and also that the wingers were doing very well up there and scoring goals.”

Pacey players always seem to have hamstring problems. Is that something that you just have to accept? Is it a curse that goes with having a bit of speed?

“Yes, I think that’s a big part in doing your hamstring but that’s the first calf and hamstring injury that I’ve ever had. I was just unlucky that they both came in such a short space of time. I’m not injury prone because of my pace and as I say that’s the first problem that I’ve had in my career so far.”

Do you remember playing in the Scottish Cup with Dundee last season?

“Trying to bring back memories. I think it was 3-0 at Queen of the South, yeah that was it. It wasn’t a good day to lose against a team that were a league below at the time. I don’t think that was our best but today we showed that we can put on a performance on.”

Were you quite impressed by your new team? They’re quite attacking aren’t they?

“Yes, I’ve now been training for about a week and there’s some great players in there and no reason why we can’t start climbing the table. From what I’ve seen they’re a great set of lads and the quality is there as well.”

What’s the best cup moment that you’ve had down south? Have you had any cup runs or any big shocks?

“No, no big shocks. I got asked this the other day actually and it’s been mainly been a case of being knocked out by teams in a similar league position. So, I’ve never had a big shock.”

You obviously had no qualms about coming back to Scottish football?

“No, no I think the football up here is a great standard to start with and I like being up here as well. I  obviously got to visit Glasgow a few times last year and like Edinburgh too. So no, I like being up here and visiting those sorts of places that my missus can get up as well. So I like the town and I like playing in the division.”

What is the situation with your contract at Scunthorpe?

“That’s an option in there for them. So that’s something I can’t do anything about until the end of the year and they want to extend my contract or whether they say on you go.”

Would you consider moving up here full time to Hamilton if everything was to work out?

“Yes, listen I’m up here now to play for Hamilton and that’s what I’m here to do. I’m not thinking about next year because like I say that’s out of my hands at this stage. I’m here to play for Hamilton, put a performance in and hopefully score some goals and help make sure they have Premiership football here next year.”

You had a great start today. Does that give you confidence now until the end of the season?

“Yes definitely. I think anyone would like to score on their debut like I said before and hopefully show what’s to come with the performance that I put in. But there’s more of that to come if I can get consistency and start doing those things week in and week out then I’ll definitely enjoy it up here.”


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