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Brian Easton post match Thursday

Skipper Brian Easton spoke to the press after the St. Johnstone match on Boxing Day.

It was a bit of a smash and grab today was it not?

“Aye, I think so. That was the most disappointing thing today. Considering how well that we played in the first half despite not scoring or creating any real opportunities. I mean to lose a goal when they’ve had two shots at goal or whatever. It’s disappointing. There’s things that we can take away as positives but we need to look at ways in which we can get better. And we’ve got to do it quickly because we’ve got Motherwell on Sunday. It’s a derby match and we know that we’ve got to go in there looking for a result.”

Was it the bottom line that whoever took their chances, scores and wins the game?

“Listen, the league is so tight this year and especially when you look at our games a lot of them have been decided by a single goal. It is very tight and that is the bottom line. I mean a win today would probably have taken us up to ninth place and a couple of points behind County. It’s easy to say that but we didn’t win and we still find ourselves down there. It just shows you how tight the league table actually is. If you look at Saints, they were bottom and they’re seven points clear of Hearts now.”

So it shows you how quickly things can change.

“Exactly, I mean it was a massive result for us last week. It’s one of those things were you’re looking to put a wee run together. I mean, if we can get a good run over three or four games then we could find ourselves up the table. Playing with a bit of confidence and you know, opening gaps up between teams. It’s so tight down there. You look at the way we played in the first half today and some of the second half, we’re playing really well. Every week we’re playing nice football and digging in. It’s just as we said before all about tight margins and if we can get wee things right it’s going to put us right up there.”

You’d be disappointed with a draw today never mind a defeat?

“Aye, your right. I think as the game went on thoughts popped into my head as we were playing so well but not winning yet that ‘I don’t want to lose this’. I think if we don’t lose that goal I’m thinking we should have won that game. I’d have been disappointed with the draw. As I said before it’s all easier said that if we’d done this and done that but we lost the goal and probably need to look at the way we played in parts of the second half. Why it wasn’t as good as the first half and think of ways to improve ourselves. As we keep on saying, it’s a young team playing well and giving everything they’ve got. If we can find ways that we can start to put points on the board, then it’s going to be great for the club.”

It’s a big derby for you on Sunday but you guys are due a win. It’s been a while hasn’t it?

“Exactly, I think obviously we’re needing a performance to put points on the board. It’s a derby match as you said and it’s vitally important that we can get points. It’s something the fans are desperate for a victory over Motherwell. I mean it’s a massive game for us and the last game before the winter break. So we’ve got to go in there looking to win the game. Like I said, with the way in which we’ve been playing in the last few weeks, we’re definitely capable of doing that but it’s just little things that we need to work on. Like starting a bit better or improving in certain areas. If we can do that then we will get that run going as we need to start climbing the table.”

It was a landmark game for you. Was it 150 games today?

“I’m not sure. I knew that I was close by but I wasn’t sure if it was today or not. Aye, obviously I started here at Hamilton and played in quite a few games. I’m really happy despite some of the results and have been absolutely loving life back here. It’s great back playing football at somewhere I love being.” [Ed. Note, it was 149]

It’s a club you know so well and know the wavelength that they operate at. There’s no crisis and there’s no drama. It’s about accumulating the points.

“No, that’s the thing. At this club there’s so many things that they’re looking for. They want to bring through young talent, you know own going talent and then obviously picking up points in the league. As I said before, with the youth football in this side and from what I’ve seen so far, for the majority of games this season, there’s enough there that if we get the little things right then it’ll be massive for the club. When we start picking up these points, these boys will get all the space that they need. It’ll be building for years to come but it’s important for this club that they climb the table because we want to finish as high as we c


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