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Will Collar post match Saturday

Scorer of our second goal against Hearts, Will Collar spoke to the press and our Martin McConnell after the weekend victory.

It’s been a long time coming.


Did you enjoy it?

“Yes, I really enjoyed it.”

You certainly looked as if you did.

“I did, yeah.”

Did you expect it to go in? It seemed to take ages for it to go in.

“Yeah, the ‘keeper also got a hand to it as well so I was a little bit worried, but it was lovely to have that net ripple.”

How big a win was that for Hamilton going into Christmas?

“It’s massive if I’m being honest. The gaffer drilled it into us about how big the game really was but we knew ourselves that it was a massive game. And like you say, for the fans, ourselves and all the staff at the club it’s nice to go into Christmas with three points.”

Is that your first goal at senior level?

“Yeah, that’s my first professional goal.”

It couldn’t be more important I guess?

“Yeah, it’s a nice one to get. I feel as if it’s been a long time coming. I haven’t played as many games as I’d liked to have done due to injury and stuff like that. But yes, it’s really nice to score and at an important time for the club as well.”

Have you had many chances before? Ones that you’ve wanted to kick yourself for after failing to score?

“Not really if I’m being honest. Today has been a day in which I’ve got forward more than in any of my previous games that I’ve played in. When I’ve seen the ball go over the centre back’s head and it’s come to me. I just thought ‘get a good touch on it and get it back towards goal and see what happens’.”

Nice present to be off the bottom for Christmas too.

“Yes, it a weight off our shoulders too. As a footballer you do feel that pressure. I think with some players, like today, you get 5 or 10% more from them. But like you say, it nice to be off the bottom for Christmas.”

Does it affect you being bottom at Christmas time?

“I think so yes if I’m honest. As a football player, because it’s such a big part of your life, you take your emotions home with you. So like I say it’s really nice to have three points going into Christmas.”

What will you be doing at Christmas? Training?

“We’ll be in early then we’ll get away.”

Have you got family coming up?

“Yes, I’ve got family coming up so that’ll be nice.”

How big is that for you? Obviously it might be a challenge for you if you were away from them over the festivities.

“It’s really nice. I haven’t seen my mum and dad since the International break and they’re coming up and it will be nice to spend Christmas with them. It’s even better now that we’ve got the three points.”



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