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Brian Rice & Scott Martin post match at Pittodrie

Our web interviewer heard from Brian Rice and midfielder Scott Martin after the game…


Brian Rice

How did you view that today?

“How did I view that? I think we’ve been beaten by the odd goal once again. Similar to the last few games against Rangers and Celtic. Same again today. We stayed in the game until half time and lost a sloppy goal. We kept going until the end, it’s 1-0. I feel for the boys in the dressing room, they’ve given everything they had and just couldn’t catch a break. It’s just the way it’s been in the last couple of weeks. “

You did have a good chance to get back in the match with the header.

“Yes, it’s a good chance. It’s a good ball in and Aaron is usually good in the air. Listen,  you can tell by the sound of disappointment in my voice, it’s for the lads. They’ve given everything in the last few weeks. It’s been fine, fine margins here and there and one goal here and one goal there. There’s three games to go until the halfway point so we need to go and start picking up points.”

Do the boys need a bit more belief in the final third?

“Let’s not get above ourselves. We’re Hamilton, we know the boundaries in which we work and who we can manage to recruit. I can’t go and get a Cosgrove or a Lyndon Dykes you know. So we know the boundaries that we’ve got to work in but first and foremost we’ve got to put in the hard work. You see that out there, the boys gave everything. Aberdeen are supposedly the third best team in Scotland and we’re one down in the 94th, 95th minute and still trying to get forward and get a goal. So, the belief is definitely there in the boys, maybe the quality lacks a wee bit but I can’t ask any more than they’re giving.”

Your goalkeeper has got plenty of saves in him.

“Yes, he’s made some fantastic saves today. He’s a young lad up here taking his chance and he’s done very well since coming in. He is 22.  So yes, he’s done fantastically well.”

Do you feel as if you got a break in front of goal then you could push on?

“It would be nice to see but like I said, we’ve played Rangers, we’ve played Celtic and Livingston away then Aberdeen today. It’s been one goal, one goal and Rangers in the last minute to make it two. It’s been very close in terms of the result. Going into the last ten, fifteen minutes of the game it’s all been very close. But it’s about winning I know that and the players know that too. It’s great to get a pat on the back now and again when you play well but you want one when you win. That’s what we really need to achieve.”

They’ve shown that there’s still some character in the dressing room.

“Aye we’ve got character in the dressing room but we had a seventeen year old kid playing at centre half today. You haven’t asked one question about the kid.”

I was about to.

“Were you? A young centre half alongside a 21 year old. The experience that they’re gaining is fantastic but it’s all about winning. Those kids need to know how it feels to win. I’ve lost some experienced players today. The two boys that I brought in, Easton and Alston, have been massive for me and the youngsters have to replace them. But we know that, no excuses because every side gets injuries. We just need to start winning games.”


Scott Martin

Is it another disappointment looking at that scoreline after running another so called big gun close?

“Everyone in the dressing room was gutted after the game but we need to pick ourselves up again on Monday. We’ve got a massive game at the weekend and all our focus will now be on that.”

It’s all been about fine margins for you hasn’t it? You just need to fall on the other side of that now.

“I think that has been one of the reasons; I don’t think that it’s because we’ve been playing terrible football. We’re just off that edge and lacking in concentration at times. We’ve been in this situation before and I think we’ll turn it around.”

As you say it is about fine margins but the goal was a cheap one wasn’t it?

“A wee bit aye. I can barely remember it. We’ve now got to pick ourselves up again, not dwell on it or moan about it. We just need to take it on board ourselves, go back to work again Monday and see where we went wrong and what we can improve upon.”

Is it a disappointment to see some of those other results coming in as you’re walking off and knowing that you’re bottom of the table?

“You do hear those results come over the tannoy and it’s another kick whilst already down. As I said, you just really need to try and stay positive. We’re not a hundred miles away from it. We need to regroup, stay together, get everybody behind us and I’m sure we can turn it around.”

What do you see on the pitch that you think needs changing?

“I don’t see a lot really. There’s Aberdeen who are third best in Scotland and we weren’t a million miles away from them. I don’t know. That’s the manager’s job and it’s not for me to say. I’m just happy to be back in the side and I’ll give it 110% every time I play.”

You’ve got Hearts at the weekend. It’s a big game isn’t it?

“It’s a massive game and everyone in the changing room knows it. So as I said, back to work again Monday morning, dust ourselves down and get to work.”

Your bottom now on goal difference?

“I don’t even know.”

I mean a win will take you back off bottom.

“It’s a must win. I know it’s still early in the season to say that it’s a must win but if we win that game it can kick start our season. So I’m sure everyone will be ready and everybody will be up for it.”


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