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Brian Rice & Mickel Miller post Rangers match

Head coach Brian Rice and Mickel Miller spoke with the written media and our reporter Martin McConnell after Sunday’s game…


Brian Rice

So, how you doing? Alright?

“Yeah, I’m alright. I’m fine. I’m fine lads. As fine as fine can be.”

Did you deserve more?

“ I’d liked to have got more. I think you saw a team that was fully committed.  I think you saw a team that were a goal threat and a team out there that will never give up. You know, never give up and we always keep going. We went with two strikers and when I made the substitution I put another striker on. Kept the two strikers, I can’t ask anymore of the lads today. You know, we lost an early goal in what was Rangers first attack and we fought back. We’ve equalised and you do what you do against the Old Firm. You hang in and try and take your chances if they come along. Today they did come along and it’s taken a wonderstrike from a wonderful player to put them in the lead at half-time. I think in the second half we gave as good as we got. You know maybe not possession wise but chances wise.”

What about Miller’s chance?

“Aye, he had a chance. He had a chance and I’ve just spoken to him outside there. That’s the difference between the top teams and the middle of the road teams and the bottom teams. It’s the final thing that they do with the ball, call it the quality. Rangers are in the fortunate position of being able to find good players and they’re able to bring them in. I’m in the position where I have to produce players. Not at that level but I wish I could. But I need to be able to produce players that are good enough to be able to play for our first team, or do what I do. Go to England and look for young players there. Playing in reserve teams and under 23 teams and bring them to this club and then try and make them better players.”

What about the young players like Jamie Hamilton and Lewis Smith, getting goals and their handling of occasion? It must have been a positive.

“Fantastic, it looks as if first touch he’d taken it out of the net for his debut against Rangers and he’s only grown from there. He’s no chance for the second goal and only grown from there and the third he’s got a bit of cramp. Taking nothing away from Rangers though, it was a great finish. Young Jamie Hamilton is 17 and Lewis Smith at 19. Do you sometimes think that ‘Jeez, is that all the age they are?’ They’ve just signed new contracts until 2099 (!), so it’s great. It’s great. I’m also delighted that I brought Brian Easton back after not playing for a month. I thought he was outstanding as well. Steve Davies also held the line very well but again in there, it’s not about individuals here for me at Hamilton, it’s about the team.  We win together and we lose together. We’re going to be in a dogfight and don’t make any mistakes about that. There’s going to be five or six teams in that fight and we’re going to be one of them. But I’ll tell you one thing, this Hamilton side are always up for a fight. You saw a side out there today that never gave up and played for one another, played for me and played for the club. There will be good days and bad days. It’s a young team and I’ve said to the boys that it will be difficult because we’ll be introducing new boys to the team. I’ve brought a lot in that haven’t played in Scotland before. So we need to dig in this season and hopefully the youngsters will be here next season and we’ll be better for it.”


Mickel Miller

Accies performed really well, especially with the second half performance?

“Yes, 100%. I can’t fault any one of the boys for effort and work rate. Despite everything that we gave in that first half, second half, they were just the best side in the end.”

You had a great chance yourself and a touch from Kamara maybe just took it away from your foot

“Oh yeah, I think I’ll have nightmares about that one. But, as I was saying to another player, that’s the difference from me being at that level and being where I am now, and Ryan Kent goes and finishes and I don’t finish that. But yeah, definitely Kamara got a touch but I think I should have gone with my right instead of my left.”

What happened in the end there when Morelos got booked?

“ I don’t know. Someone has said that he has picked me out but he was just in my way and I’ve just moved out the way. They said he kicked out but I don’t know. It didn’t really affect me.”

Did you feel it?

“No, I didn’t feel anything.”

It wasn’t the only chance that you had. You had a few chances.

“Oh  yeah. I think that Gogic had a header and Smithy passes to me a few times. But we now have to take some of the positives from the game. I think lots of people watching the game would have thought that Hamilton were right In the game which is good. We’ve now got to take that into the next game.”

Do you know Kamara at all? I know you’re from the same area of London?

“We just have mutual friends and I know Joe personally.

You’re both Croydon boys aren’t you?

“Yeah, we’ve got mutual friends and we’ve always had that. When we’re back down the road  we’re always meeting up and stuff and playing together.”

Are you part of the five a side crew?


In some respects you raising you’re game today is the easy part. Is it imperative that you’re able to do it in the coming weeks?

“Well yeah. We literally set a standard today where people would have been very surprised at us. As long as we can keep it at that sort of level and give it even more next week, I’m sure that we can get a result.”



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