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MacKinnon and Stubbs post match saturday 24/8

Web reporter Mark Gillespie caught up with Darian MacKinnon and Sam Stubbs post match, following the defeat to Motherwell.

Thoughts on the game?

Darian MacKinnon: It’s really tough, going down to ten after 20 minutes. We did it against Kilmarnock, but we had a two-goal lead to hang onto. When you’re chasing the game it’s tough and Motherwell played it well to be fair. But we need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot.”

The red cad was a bit harsh, did you think?

DM:“I didn’t even see it. Jamie says it’s hit his shoulder. I’ll need to see it back. Did he know much about it? This new rule has gone against us today, so hopefully it’ll go for us further in the season.”

Two goals down and the red card made this a tough ask?

DM: “It’s a hammer blow. I don’t think we started too great but if you’ve got a full team on the pitch we’d have come into it no doubt. As soon as that happens and the penalty goes in, you’re in trouble.”

Would you like to see the handball rule changed back to the way it was before?

DM: “For stuff like that. If you’re going to get a penalty, it’s a yellow card, keep him on. It’s a double whammy for us. I can understand if he’s keeping it out like a goalkeeper but he’s not meant that, it’s impossible. It was just reactions.”

The new drop ball rules are another confusing one?

DM: “I’m sure it’s whoever is in possession that gets the ball. The ref should just take the sting out of it, drop the ball, pass it back and we get on with the game.”

It was a long shift today with 10 men, on a day like this

DM: “It was tough. When it went 3-1, I was just saying to the boys it’s basically a fitness exercise. Just keep running and doing what you can. No more goals and try and nick something if you can. The third goal’s killed us, because we’ve put two strikers up and had a go. We’d rather have got beaten 3 or 4 than sitting in at 2.”

A young team also. It’s down to players like you to help them keep the head?

DM: “It’s good experience for them. I thought big Stan coming in at right back did well on his first game. Jamie did well last week, obviously it was tough for him today.  They’re both fine players. Smithy was trying to get on the ball and make things happen.”

“Every week’s not going to be pretty, but we’d have liked to make a better go of it today, especially against our local rivals. We’ve only been beaten here once under the new gaffer against Rangers. It’s the second home defeat, so it’s not nice.”

“Tough one on Jamie. How was he in the dressing room?”

DM: “Big Jamie’s fine. He’s got the mentality. Nothing fazes him. He’ll be gutted of course. He’ll probably not sleep tonight, we’ve all been there. I’ve been sent off for stupid tackles and it’s even worse because I could have done something about that. I don’t think there’s  a lot Jamie could do. He’ll put it down to his learning curve and come back and be fine.”

Sam Stubbs



Sam Stubbs: “It hasn’t gone how we wanted obviously today. There were little bit of positives, and if we learn I’m sure we can bounce back.”

Do you think it all boiled down to the sending off?

SS:“They’ve got ahead on the set piece and that’s frustrating way to concede. But, yes I think the redcard defines the game. We got in 2-1 at half time, and were thinking a draw’s a win for us realistically.”

“It’s a disappointing day, but we were 10 men with an average age of 22. We’re missing lads and hopefully we can get a few back and go again next week.”

What was your view of the penalty and sending off?

“It’s a ludicrous rule. I spoke to the ref and asked where can he put his hand? Even our penalty is dubious. The ref’s turned around to me and said he doesn’t think it’s a penalty either, but those are the new rules. So these decisions will go against us and also go for us. I thought both teams had two non penalties against them today.”

How are you finding life at Accies after your third start?

SS: “I’m loving it. The lads and the staff have been brilliant. I love the people up here. As much as I want to do well for Hamilton, it’s also a personal thing I want to make the most of. There’s a real recognition of what we are here and we’re not getting to far ahead of ourselves. We had two good performances before today.”

You know what it’s all about up here from your dad. Accies are a club where you’ll develop more, learning a lot about the art of defending?

SS:“All my loans up until now have really been at similar clubs, coming into tough situations. I understand what the club will face a lot this season. We’re going to lose games, but it’s about getting points and I can’t wait for the challenge and that’s why I’m here.”

Doesn’t get any easier next week at Tynecastle?

SS:“Sometimes it’s better to have a tough game. Killie were the third best team in Scotland last year and we’ve shown we can do against them. We’re just going tohave a positive week and give it our best shot.”



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