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Marios Ogkmpoe post match Saturday, 17th August

Accies website reporter Mark Gillespie caught up with Greek striker Marios Ogkmpoe when he spoke with the media after Saturday’s game at Rugby Park, with Alex Gogic acting as interpreter


The chance that you had in extra time when it came off the goalkeeper, did the ball come too quickly for you to adjust your feet in time?

“He says that he was waiting for the ball to come to his right foot but in the last second changed it. When it came for his left he didn’t have time to adjust.”

It was unlucky?

“He says yes, the luck wasn’t with him this time but hopefully in the next game, in the future, the luck will be with him. He says that with training and stuff, the goals are going to come.”

Do you feel that you should have gone through today?

“Yes, he thinks we should have. He thinks the last pass was just missing.”

Was it tough playing in those conditions today?

“No, he says that the sun, the rain, the snow, the thunder are all part of the game and is no excuse. It wasn’t, no.”

Despite the defeat does he think there was plenty of positives in the performance with all the young players, like Jamie Hamilton playing?

“He said that there were loads of positives especially for them at Hamilton. They were good in training and they deserved the chance. He showed that he was great today and every day at training they get better and better. They work hard and are always improving.”

Can you ask him how he enjoys it here in Scotland and how does it compare to his experience in Greece?

“He says that he really enjoys it and that he didn’t think it would be so easy to come here and settle in the environment but that the Scottish people have been so friendly to him and help. He his doing his best to learn the English and is getting better and better. He’s a bit nervous to speak English just now, but he knows and is learning.”

How is he doing that? Is that watching TV, reading, classes, what does he do?

“He said that in the beginning he only knew his name. He’s learning, he’s learning.”

Don’t ask Dougie Imrie for lessons.

“He says Dougie has a new role and hopefully does very well.”


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