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Owain Fon Williams post match Saturday

Owain Fon Williams explained to the press and our Martin McConnell why he had more than one great reason to be happy after his clean sheet against Kilmarnock.


“Thank you.”

A clean sheet and three points.

“Yes, that’s what you work for really. The hard work that you put in from Monday to Friday and to play like we did…was tough. We knew that Killie were going to be tough. They move the ball well from side to side and down the flanks. We knew we were in for a tough game but like I say, hard work paid off today.”

That was a crucial save at 2-0. That denied them any crumb of comfort didn’t it?

“Yes…like I said, when you go a man down it’s hard enough when your eleven v eleven. But when you’re a man down you then do your best to kind of have two blocks of players anyway. To kind of guard the goal as much as possible. Obviously when you’re that man down they’ve got that spare man to get the ball ticking and get things moving. Thankfully I was there to make the save but collectively I thought we were tremendous. Our attitude today and work ethic, everything, everything that the manager asked of us to do during the week and leading up to this game. We did it. I thought we thoroughly deserved our victory because of our hard work.”

The manager said that you had a lot on your mind this week. Is that right?

“Yes, it hasn’t been an easy week for me. My little girl, she’s ten weeks old…it’s been a long week, she’s been in hospital. She’s been treated for meningitis so I haven’t had much sleep this week. But I’ve just been told that she’s on her way home so I’m delighted with that. Absolutely over the moon. It has been tough but as I say, two good things have happened today.”

What’s her name?


When did you get that news? Just there, just now?

“Yes, just before the game.”

That would pump you up.

“Yes, definitely. I was ready for it anyway. I think she went in on Wednesday night and then…as you know yourself when you go to A&E. I  was there all day and then I came back and trained Thursday morning. You’re back and forth between the hospital and you’re doing what you can. I’m grateful to all the staff in Wishaw General Hospital. They were fantastic. Every single one of them. I can’t speak highly enough of the hospital and staff and everything that they did for us. But I’m delighted to go back home now and have her in my hands.”

And back in your own bed for a start.

“Yes, definitely but I don’t really care about a sleepless night tonight, she can do whatever she wants.”

When your kids are ill though it’s hard to keep your mind on anything else. Particularly when they’re as small as that.


Was it not tempting to just phone the boss Wednesday and say ‘can I be counted out for this week’?

“No, I’m not like that and I think that the gaffer knows that. I’m not one from shying away from anything. There’s ups and downs in life but you’ve got to do your best whatever it is and I’ll always do that. You’re not always going to have good games or bad games or whatever but you’ve got to make the most of it. Obviously like you say, it is difficult when it’s your little girl. She’s my first and she’s ten weeks old. I didn’t really know what was going on. I’m not very experienced in this field at all but thankfully for the doctors and the nurses and everyone else at the hospital who were fantastic.”

And did it help in someway that you could come in here and focus on something else for a couple of hours?

“I think so. I think today especially. Not that the dust had settled but I thought that training was difficult to get your head around certain things. But today we had a goal in mind and had to work harder than we did last Saturday. To come in here like you say, maybe you’re right, having something to keep your mind occupied from things that are going on in the background. But anyway, two pieces of good news today and I’m absolutely delighted.”

How was the manager through it all? Did the boys know?

“Some of them maybe but they’ve all been great and the staff here at Accies have been great as well. The manager has been ringing me and gave me the option of coming in to training or not but he knows what the answer is going to be and will always be. It’s been a great day all round. I’m delighted. I’m looking forward to going home now.”


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