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Brian Rice and Mickel Miller post match Saturday

Following the defeat to St. Johnstone, Hamilton Head Coach Brian Rice and goalscorer Mickel Miller spoke to the press and our Martin McConnell….

Brian Rice

What are your thoughts on the game Brian?

“We work on things. We know how to defend when teams are on the ball and today we didn’t do that. Three really poor goals for us to lose out there today. Brian Easton is a wee bit unlucky with the last one, he goes to head it and slips but the reaction from two or three others is poor.”

You must have thought that you were getting away with a draw though after the penalty went in.

“I thought it was going to be 2-2 yeah. Probably just like everyone else but you can’t think like that on the pitch. You’ve still got to do your job and we never did our job.”

That’s not like you though. You normally see these ones out.

“Yes, it’s very unlike us and I did say that in the dressing room. You know when we got it to 2-2 we’re normally good enough to see that out. You know, to take the point and go away down the road. Not today we didn’t. Individual mistakes today cost us.”

You sound a bit annoyed, frustrated, exasperated. A bit of everything really.

“You must know me eh. No, but we got beat 3-2. I’m disappointed, really disappointed. To come away from home and score two goals and to then come away with nothing is disappointing. Normally if you go away from home and score two goals, you should be taking something with you.”

When it’s a tight, tight league in the bottom half every point is precious I suppose.

“Every single point is precious yes. To have come here and got a 2-2 would have been okay but we didn’t and need to move on quickly. We’ve now got a game Wednesday night and that’s our focus.”

Is that a good thing?

“It’s always a good thing when you’ve got a game to play right away. So like I say, Aberdeen will be a very, very difficult match. We need to get in and get ready to go again.”


Mickel Miller

They say the first goal is all important in a game. You got that, so it must be doubly frustrating after the way things turned out.

“Oh definitely. I was delighted to get the first goal. I thought that we started the game really well, being on the front foot as well. Yes, really disappointed.”

The gaffer seemed really frustrated afterwards as well. He clearly thought the game should have been seen out at 2-2.

“Definitely, he thought that was a time when we should have come together. We should have used our brains a little bit more, stayed in and stayed compact. Play the channels more but we didn’t. We’ll learn from that and move on.”

Do you feel that you made your own luck today?

“I think we can only look at ourselves individually. I don’t think we can point the finger at anyone. Just everyone look inside themselves and ask yourself  ‘Did you do enough’?.”

It’s out of character for Hamilton to come back to 2-2 then lose out the way you did. Does that surprise you?

“Yes it did you know. I think a couple of years ago they’re not expected to come back from 2-1 down. So when we came back, everyone was like yes! We’ve got that in us now to come back but it’s just disappointing to not have ground out the draw when we had the chance. I think from a poor game we should have taken something from it and we didn’t.

Is that the angriest that you’ve seen the manager?

“Yes. One of the worst.”

He’s normally such a positive person. If he does go off do you know about it?

“Oh, definitely. He sets us out to do a job and we let him down today. Both on an individual level and as a team. He said ‘that we can’t dwell on it now, we’ve got a game coming up midweek. So we’ve got to brush that off and think of Wednesday now’.”

Is that a positive thing? Having a game coming up?

“Oh definitely. Yes, we’ve got Aberdeen midweek which is another tough game but as long as we can dust ourselves down and get straight back on it. I’m sure we can do something at home as well.”





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