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Ziggy Gordon post match Saturday

Defender Ziggy Gordon spoke to the press and our reporter Martin McConnell after a successful day at Fir Park…..

You had an eventful day against Connor Sammon didn’t you?

“I know what you’re going to get against Sammon. He’s big and he’s tough and he’s going to go for every ball in the air, especially if it’s in the box. Before going in to the game I knew I wasn’t going to win every header against him, as he’s got three or four inches on me. I’m a left centre back and you know it’s not my preferred position. I don’t know it too well but I’m going to battle and try to win everything that I can. I think that I did that today. I proved myself in the battle against Sammon as it’s never easy against him. I’m more proud of every one of those players in there as they’ve been brilliant to a man.”

Did you know that he received a yellow for the challenge on you?

“No, as I didn’t see it. It’s hard to really see and you guys will be better placed to tell me. I’ve been told that it was a possible red card. I’ve just gone up early and heard a big bang in my head and it’s taken a few seconds for me to realise what has happened. I’ve got no quarrels and don’t want to get anyone sent off, even in a derby. So, I’ve got no problem with it.”

It was a baptism of fire as a stand in centre half isn’t it? Being up against big Connor.

“It’s funny, I’ve never played centre half other than when I’ve played it with Hamilton Accies. I think that the gaffer has a lot of belief in me, especially when we’re a bit short at  centre back. He’s told me that I’ve got to go in there and do a job as he knows that I can do it. Obviously I prefer to play right wing back or right back because that’s what I know well. That’s my bread and butter but as I’ve said before, being left centre back doesn’t make a lot of difference to me as I’ll give 100 %.”

You were up against it when you got the goal but you could have won by more in the end.

“Yes, it’s funny that. Goals change games at the end of the day. Once we scored they had to come out and play a bit more football, because I think they were playing a lot more channelled balls and playing for second balls. Once they did this it opened up and let the good football players play. That’s what you saw once we scored and like you say, could have been two or three. But you know, one is sound with me.”

You were needing that win though.

“We were indeed. I’ve said before, the first three games look very hard on paper. Hearts at home, they were flying last week. Motherwell away, they did great in both cups last year and Celtic away in two weeks time. So it’s vitally important that we got some points on the board early. I’m delighted as I said, for myself, the gaffer and the staff, because everyone works ever so hard for every single point in every little detail.”

What a great first touch from Steven Boyd.

“You know what’s great about that? The gaffer has really been getting on at players that have been coming off the bench, because it’s important that they don’t shrug when they come off if they haven’t played. They’re still part of the squad and as vitally important as the eleven that start. I was so pleased that he was able to make such an impact. You know that he has it in his locker and it’s a shame that we haven’t seen more of it. Hopefully that gives him a lot more confidence as he is a confidence player. I’d love to see a lot more of Boydy, I think everyone would.”

Where were you when he struck it? Did you think right away that it had a wee chance?

“I was right behind it and honestly, in my mind went ‘Oh! It’s a goal!’, because it was just so perfect. It was almost going away from the goal then went right in at the side netting. So, other than that wasn’t really thinking of anything else except telling the boys to take as much time as they possibly could to celebrate. Then giving the boys instructions to keep things tight for the next five minutes and not give anything stupid away like we did against Hearts last week.”





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